New Music – Drake

New Music – Drake

New music from Drake entitled “0 to 100/The Catch Up.” I have no idea why people are saying “drake is back,” like where the hell did he go cuz I don’t believe he left….everytime i turn on the radio or tv or internet this negro is there! ya’ll need to calm down cuz he’s always on something. crazy ass fans smh.

New Album – Charles Hamilton pt. 2

New Album – Charles Hamilton pt. 2

Here is the second link to Charles Hamilton’s 2nd album “The Zone,” which some will feel this is #classic Charles Hamilton. Others might feel it’s just classic garbage. But hey, that’s up to you to decide folks. Enjoy Mr. Hamilton.

New Album – Charles Hamilton

New Album – Charles Hamilton

Charles Hamilton released two new albums. The project is apaparently unreleased material entitled “Pigeons & Planes,” in which contains two albums; the first is entitled “My Heart,” and the second album is entitled “The Zone.” The above link is the first album “My Heart.” I will post the second link in the next post.

New Music – Ester Dean

New Music – Ester Dean

New music from Ester Dean entitled “Twerk’n 4 Birk’n,” and personally, I’m sick of the IDEA of even the WORD TWERKIN ITSELF! When u heiffas just gunna sit down and read a book and stop TWERKIN for SHXT!? UUGHHH here i go with the “MY GENERATION AINT SHXT SPEECH AGAIN…..” but it’s SOOO true. *sighs* but any ways, the track is clearly about these hoes out here shaking whatever they have just to get a birkin bag….uugh. whatever , i’m over it. any ways, enjoy kids.