Read - Eminem to Headline Concert at Wembley Stadium

Eminem will be traveling to London to be the first rapper to headline at Wembley Stadium July 11th. Yes, Slim Shady himself is in fact making history being the FIRST rapper EVER to headline at the stadium. The rapper is supposedly also bringing special guests to perform at the stadium with him as well. Tickets for the event will go on sale Friday May 9th, at 9 a.m.


Rapper Common appeared on CNN and discussed his upcoming plans to release his album which will be centered around Chicago’s violence. He plans to name his album “Nobody’s Smiling” and plans to team up with fellow Chicago native Kanye West to take a new initiative to provide 20,000 of Chicago’s youth with employment. He says, “It’s my duty to reach out to young people in Chicago, it’s my way of giving back. ‘Cause I’ve been afforded a chance to go out and live out my dreams, and I’m still dreaming. I wanna inspire and open up the gateways for the younger people in Chicago to go live their dreams.” Watch the video for the rapper’s positive plans.

MGK releases new video “Sail”

MGK releases new video “Sail”

The Cleveland rapped Machine Gun Kelly released a new music video today for his new track “Sail.” The video features the Ohio native changing outfits, riding a boat through a swimming pool, pouring out a huge jug of liquor and much more crazy antics from the 24 year old rapper. Click the link for the visual!