C4 Drops New Mixtape Entitled “Blood On My Hands”

New Jersey/New York artist C4, known in the past for battle rap also featured on world star hip hop, has dropped a new mixtape entitled “Blood On My Hands.” The project is reflective on the rapper’s “real life” and songs that a lot of people can relate to. It’s a step back from the artist’s “horrorr core” style which he uses when he battles, but it’s also something that more people can listen and say “I’ve been there before….” However there are some tracks that are reminiscent of the rapper’s “usual style” such as “In The Morge.” Follow him on Twitter @C4FromIceGrill and on Instagram @C4FromIceGrill. Listen to his new tape here —->

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Now doing interviews for the blog for hip hop artists! Can’t wait to start putting in work! But I’m also doing photoshoots for great prices! SO! If you or anyone you know live in the tristate area need a photoshoot, video, etc., hit me up! But for now, LET’S WORK!

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I remember when i first started my blog late last year, I conducted an interview that went well if i say so myself lol . SO, on that note, I shall be conducting interviews again REAL soon of ANY HIP HOP underground or up and coming ARTIST ! If your interested and have a HUGE following or BUZZ, hit me up and I’ll let you know when we can get this thing going! (warning, I am located in the NJ area. I do own my own car, BUT i ain’t driving all the way to Canada for your ass. You better meet me half way some where or if your in town hit me up LOL). Let’s go!

SO, today we celebrate the late, great Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes’s birthday, BUT I’m a total JACK ASS for not recognizing another legend’s birthday which was yesterday, May 26th, Miss Lauryn Hill! Happy belated Miss Hill ! To honor her, here is one of my personal favorites from the EAST ORANGE, NJ NATIVE, “Doo Wop (That Thing),” off of “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.” Miss Hill just turned 39. To many more ! (and please, for the love of hip hop, come back…seriously.)

My personal classic rapper Redman is back with a new video for his new joint out called “Dunfiato.” It is apparently a single off of his upcoming mixtape “Muddy Waters 2 Mixtape,” but there is no word on when this second installment is set to drop….it bothers me that this guy just drops music and then disappears….but I’m grateful either way . enjoy kiddies.

An Interview With Leathle Da 3rd7 From NJ’s Own IceGrill Ent. by: me !

An Interview With Leathle Da 3rd7 From NJ’s Own IceGrill Ent. by: me !

An interview with Leathle Da 3rd7 from NJ’s own IceGrill Ent. He’s known for his battles, Grindtime, WAA, RealDeal201 appearances, performances, etc.! check it out if your in to the underground rap scene and want a look into the life of battle rapper/performer.