News - Slaughterhouse Releasing New Mixtape Next Week

For those of you who are Slaughterhouse enthusiasts like myself, you will be happy to know that they are back with a new mixtape set to release next week. The photo is the official artwork for the project and the official name of the mixtape will be “House Rules.” I guess this is something to hold us over since we are all anticipating their new upcoming album “Glass House.” “House Rules” will be dropping on the mixtape website “Dat Piff” sometime next week. Of course, I will be posting the link for the mixtape when it arrives. SLAUGHTERHOUSEEEEE!!!!

ok, so i’m late, but thanks to my bro-zay G_tan, i just got put on to this cat named Vince Staples. This song is quite recent, but quite old at the same time. BUT, i like what i hear. apperently, no one is really on to this guy, which i find a bit crazy , cuz listening to this guy, he’s on some next level stuff with his music. SO, here’s a soing with him and uncle Q “Back Sellin’ Crack” (catchy right lol?)