New Music – Ester Dean

New Music – Ester Dean

New music from Ester Dean entitled “Twerk’n 4 Birk’n,” and personally, I’m sick of the IDEA of even the WORD TWERKIN ITSELF! When u heiffas just gunna sit down and read a book and stop TWERKIN for SHXT!? UUGHHH here i go with the “MY GENERATION AINT SHXT SPEECH AGAIN…..” but it’s SOOO true. *sighs* but any ways, the track is clearly about these hoes out here shaking whatever they have just to get a birkin bag….uugh. whatever , i’m over it. any ways, enjoy kids.

New Music – Nicki Minaj

New Music – Nicki Minaj

okay, sorry that i have neglected you all for almost 2 whole weeks, but i just got back from florida and finished my finals (yes i am unfortunately in college). SO, on that note, here’s some new music from YA’LL GIRL (yes she belongs to y’all, i don’t claim) Nicki Minaj. The new joint is called “Pills n Potions,” (i’m guessing she is now a wizard and fiend straight out of Hogwarts) and is the first single that she has released off of her upcoming album “The Pink Print.” The joint was produced by Dr. Luke and co-written by Ester Dean. The song will be available for purchase on iTunes.