Watch the new music video released for Freddie Gibbs’s “Bugatti Bullet Holes.” Maybe I’m late, but this is the first time I’ve seen a “Video Game” themed music video. It seems like artists lately have been inspired by creativity. We recently saw a claymation music video for the Roots’s “When The People Cheer,” and now we have a video game music video from Freddie Gibbs. I can truly say that I personally appreciate the new spark of creativity from the hip hop world being as though in the last 5 years, hip hop to me has lacked some serious creativity and originality. Everyone has been sounding the same and biting off of each other’s ideas. Quite boring lately. Hopefully this is the start of actual “new ideas” and put an end to this “boring” era of hip hop.

New music video from the LEGENDARY Roots crew. The video is entirely in claymation which I feel is expected due to the group’s wide range of creativity and uniqueness (no, uniqueness is not a word). They are, in my opinion, one of the best acts to ever pick up a microphone and still continue to have longevity in hip hop today. The song is entitled “When The People Cheer,” which is a single off of their upcoming album dropping May 19th, 2014, entitled “& Then You Shoot Your Cousin,” Catchy ain’t it?