so….this battle is interesting for a number of reasons… was actually good at first between the two emcees until at the 10:00 min mark, cadalack ron decides to take time out to shoot up heroin in his veins in front of the ENTIRE audience…………i’m postin it not because of the druggy’s habit, but because it was actually good …..on another note…. I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT CONDONE ANY ONE SHOOTING OR TAKING OR SNORTING ANY TYPE OF DRUGS WHAT SO EVER, SO DO NOT GET IT TWISTED. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY NOT COOL. I DO NOT SUPPORT THIS AT ALL. the sad thing is, cadalack ron is an AMAZING battle rapper….whatever you DO, should be behing CLOSED DOORS, NOT IN PUBLIC. NO ONE EVEN STOPPED HIM FROM DOING IT IN THE VIDEO! THEY SEEMED TO ALL THINK THAT IT WAS COOL AND TOOK OUT THEIR PHONES AND JUST CALLED HIM RATCHETT. WTF!?!? Let’s just pray that he gets treatment AND DO NOT SUPPORT ANY KIND OF DRUG HABITS PEOPLE! (THIS MIGHT JUST BE WORSE THAN DAYLYT)……

SO one last Throwback Thursday before the festivities of this day end. I got put on to QB maybe about a year ago. I’m not picking sides, BUT, this female battle rapper GOT IT. I’ve been following a few of her battles including posts on her upcoming one “No Holds Barred” which will June 28th, 2014 where she will be battling fellow female battle rapper Phara. (which i do hope to attend ^_^). Here’s a classic battle and my personal fave with the female battle rapper going at it with Don Ladyii at Babs Bunny’s “Queen of The Ring.”

Watch – Cassidy Interview

Watch – Cassidy Interview

Cassidy has an interview where he states “I’m Not Battling No More. I Elevated From That.” He continues to go on and basically say he will only battle someone if they are accomplished or have accomplished as much as he did. Watch for more questions with the rapper/former battler.

Eminem Announces First Battle Rap Event Highlighting a Rematch Between Loaded Lux and Murda Mookez

Eminem Announces First Battle Rap Event Highlighting a Rematch Between Loaded Lux and Murda Mookez

The First Battle Rap series that Eminem is bringing to the masses is entitled “Total Slaughter 1.” The event will include the anticipated rematch of Loaded Lux and Murda Mookez. The event will also include another anticipated battle between Joe Budden and Hollow da Don. Tickets will be on sale starting May 16th, 2014. The battle league will take place in New York at the Hammersten Ballroom, July 12, 2014.