New Music – Earl Sweatshirt feat. Vince Staples and Mac Miller

New Music – Earl Sweatshirt feat. Vince Staples and Mac Miller

Apparently this joint dates back to 2012, but is just now being dropped as a new release for 2014. It’s from the Odd Future rapper Earl Sweatshirt feat. Mac Miller and Vince Staples entitled “Nebraska MM Vs ES.” Apparently he is also releasing an album soon. Enjoy the old/new release from this Odd Future rapper.

Meek Mill to Sue city of Philadelphia

Meek Mill is suing Philadelphia for the money he lost back in 2012 due to his arrest. Back in October 2012, Meek was pulled over and hand cuffed and refused to let the police search his car. Apparently the police claimed they smelled marijuana but found nothing. (my thing is this sounds like an assumption because how is it that they smell weed without pulling him over first??) Meek ended up missing his private jet to Atlanta that night. He lost 22,000 due to the missed flight, and 39,000 for his appearance at a party that he was scheduled to be at that night. He also claims that due to the negative publicity the arrest bought him, his Puma sponsorship hiked down the price of his endorsement money from 2 million to 650,000. He is suing on the grounds of false imprisonment and invasion of privacy. Personally, everyone knows i can’t STAND law enforcement of ANY kind. I hope that he successfully WINS his case because the police are always falsely accusing someone of something without even getting all the facts. It’s most of the time based off an assumption like this particular case right here. How is it that they smelled marijuana without first pulling him over?? You know, there is always an ASS in ASSumption! Just saying. Welp, good luck Meek!