New Album – Charles Hamilton pt. 2

New Album – Charles Hamilton pt. 2

Here is the second link to Charles Hamilton’s 2nd album “The Zone,” which some will feel this is #classic Charles Hamilton. Others might feel it’s just classic garbage. But hey, that’s up to you to decide folks. Enjoy Mr. Hamilton.

New Album – Charles Hamilton

New Album – Charles Hamilton

Charles Hamilton released two new albums. The project is apaparently unreleased material entitled “Pigeons & Planes,” in which contains two albums; the first is entitled “My Heart,” and the second album is entitled “The Zone.” The above link is the first album “My Heart.” I will post the second link in the next post.

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I remember when i first started my blog late last year, I conducted an interview that went well if i say so myself lol . SO, on that note, I shall be conducting interviews again REAL soon of ANY HIP HOP underground or up and coming ARTIST ! If your interested and have a HUGE following or BUZZ, hit me up and I’ll let you know when we can get this thing going! (warning, I am located in the NJ area. I do own my own car, BUT i ain’t driving all the way to Canada for your ass. You better meet me half way some where or if your in town hit me up LOL). Let’s go!

AND FINALLY, (long list of Gemini’s geeze!) my last birthday s/o goes to MY HUSBAND (yes because in my mind he is my husband, we have a dog named Blue, and a white picket fence over seeing Atlanta with a butler named Jeeves) MR. ANDRE 3000! Here’s one of my personal favorite verses/collabs from him with UGK and Big Boi, the classic, “Int’l Players Anthem (I Choose You.)” (i was going to put up his classic “Roses” from “The Love Below,” BUT i wanted to show off his lyricism =p) Words CANNOT express how much I love this man’s talent. He OOZES it. Been in love with OutKast since i was a lil tyke running around tryna be grown listening to my brother’s OutKast albums, and loved him even more when he started working on his solo shxt. Happy 39th birthday Andre Lauren Benjamin and RIP PIMP C!

SO, today we celebrate the late, great Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes’s birthday, BUT I’m a total JACK ASS for not recognizing another legend’s birthday which was yesterday, May 26th, Miss Lauryn Hill! Happy belated Miss Hill ! To honor her, here is one of my personal favorites from the EAST ORANGE, NJ NATIVE, “Doo Wop (That Thing),” off of “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.” Miss Hill just turned 39. To many more ! (and please, for the love of hip hop, come back…seriously.)