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SO! Producer 9th Wonder is being featured in a documentary based on Harvard University grounds in which he is bringing “hip hop to harvard”‘ in a hip hop studies class. As mentioned in the trailer, Harvard is the #1 school in the ENTIRE earth for African American studies. The documentary talks about sampling and how it has contributed to the world of hip-hop. For a school like Harvard to do something like this let alone be apart of hip-hop history is phenomonal. 9th wonder teaches the hip hop studies class at harvard and lets cameras follow him around during his journey teaching the class. The class that he teaches is called “the hip hop standards course” in which “conducts research for his thesis and explores hip-hop’s history, culture and role in academia” ( the film talks about the importance of hip hop and also, how it is important to teach hip hop studies in schools . The film showcases the artists and scholars preserving the 40 years of hip-hop culture. The film is avaliable to look at online and was released in february of 2014.

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